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Legal support of deals, projects, situations in Russia

Legal support
of deals, projects, situations in Russia

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legal issues

Legal supporting services on a stage-by-stage basis

Step-by-step determination of the changing issues. Analytical legal support services are designed for situations where analytical legal services are required on a regular basis during the estimated period of conducting an operation, entering into a deal, carrying out a project, settling a situation. As a rule, at the beginning of this period it is not possible to accurately determine the full scope of the issues and the necessary studies, as they may change as the situation develops. Therefore, this period and the scope of issues / developments is conditionally divided into parts or stages, when such a clear identification of issues, developments and deadlines becomes possible. At the same time, "cross-cutting" issues requiring simultaneous work at different stages and current issues of each stage are singled out in separate groups.

Composition and results of legal services at a particular stage. In terms of specific types of legal services, analytical legal support may include legal planning of the relevant stage, legal opinions and legal consulting on issues, legal analysis of problems and situations, preparation of contracts, agreements, documents. The final results of services for a particular stage usually are the prepared answers to questions, drawn up versions of contract and documents, decisions on the necessary actions.

Options of legal services for a specific stage

Minimum and maximum services for a particular stage. For each stage of analytical legal support for the implementation of an operation, transaction, project, settlement of a situation, legal services are usually offered in two versions:

1) analytical legal study of only the necessary issues, as a rule, at a reasonably necessary level of depth of development (program-minimum)

2) analytical legal study of necessary and appropriate, recommended issues in order to strengthen the position of the client, as a rule, at a deeper level in the legal sense and with expanded coverage of the actual circumstances (program-maximum).

Reasonable flexibility in defining services for a particular stage. The term of performance of such analytical legal studies, preparation of legal opinions, agreements, documents is usually the same for the both program-minimum and program-maximum of legal services based on the corresponding stage of a particular situation. The value, respectively, of the minimum program services is minimum and the value of those of program-maximum is maximum. These costs also include the cost of preliminary analysis of the current situation in order to determine the necessary issues and appropriate or recommended elaborations. For complicated situations with a significant number of issues, if necessary and if possible due to the peculiarities of the planned developments, the "medium" version of legal support for a specific stage can also be agreed with the addition to the program-minimum of questions and tasks from the program-maximum.

Resolving current legal issues

Resolving current issues on a phased basis or as an additional order. In the course of the development of a particular operation, transaction, project, situation, usually there are many small issues that at the beginning of the relevant stage of legal support are not specifically agreed. By their nature, such current issues usually do not require special analytical legal work and are resolved on the basis of general work on a specific stage, but still take some time to solve them. Therefore, they are usually taken into account in the cost of legal support for a particular stage as one conditional major issue. In the event any current issue turns out to be significant, complex, important, large, responsible, specific, the cost and other conditions of its solution are agreed with the client additionally.

Resolving cross-cutting legal issues

In cases where specific legal issues affect the whole project, transaction, operation, situation and require constant or periodic work at different stages of legal support, analytical legal services on such issues can sometimes be allocated in a separate order with its cost, terms and conditions.

For simple situations, such "cross-cutting" issues can usually be included in the cost of work on each specific stage. In general, this step-by-step approach to addressing cross-cutting project issues is preferable due to frequently changing circumstances and the risk of unnecessary work.

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