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Customs clearance of goods

Customs clearance of goods

Major risks and legal solutions in Russia ► Customs clearance of goods

  • Legal ways of moving goods through the border of the Russian Federation

  • Mandatory rules of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia

  • Risks and problems with respect to customs clearance in Russia

  • Limitation on foreign companies to submit customs declaration

  • Customs valuation rules

  • Customs value of importing goods pursuant to the 1st method of customs valuation

  • Documents and information required for customs clearance

  • Corrections of customs value during and after customs clearance

  • Tariff preferences when importing goods into Russia

  • VAT allowances when importing goods into Russia

  • Customs allowances for foreign investors

  • Customs simplification procedures

  • Customs control over intellectual property rights on importing goods

  • Customs inspections and revisions after customs clearance

  • Legal liabilities for violations of customs rules in Russia

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business legal issues

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terms and conditions

? ► Currency and
money laundering control

? ► Customs
clearance of goods

? ► Taxation
of business transactions

? ► English-Russian
and linguistic legal issues

Eurasian Economic Union Comes into Force Jan 1, Promising Benefits from Integration

Statement for the press following the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting

Putin signs decree on countermeasures to Western sanctions

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan sign epoch Eurasian Economic Union

Japan files dispute against Russia over «recycling fee» on motor vehicles

EU files dispute against Russia on recycling fee on motor vehicles

New ICC standards help define trusted traders

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