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Clear explanation and solutions for Russian legal issues

Clear explanation and solutions
for Russian legal issues

General business legal issues ► Clear explanation and solutions for Russian legal issues

Generally, when finding correct and clear answers to legal issues arising out in foreign projects in Russia attention should be paid to two major points.

On one side, the whole sphere of foreign economic activities in Russia and related legal rules are filled with special terms and expressions. Therefore, it would be quite problematic, if possible at all, to implement a project in Russia without knowing such related terminology. Like problems appear with respect to incorrect or hardly correct understandings of foreign projects stakeholders regarding Russian legal notions, terms, practices, and doctrines causing more difficulties in the implementation of projects.

On the other side, the sphere of foreign economic activities in Russia has its own "practical laws" and usages in implementation of business projects, its own good faith practices. Figuratively speaking, they could be imagined as some "force lines" attracting circumstances, events, actions, processes, etc. in implementation of projects and it happens not always in accordance with applicable legal rules. It is quite possible that some rule is provided for by the legislation but in a number of practical cases it is not complied with. Or vice versa, there is no special rule in the law but it exists in practices as business customs or usual requirements of Russian controlling authorities. Thus, it is not sufficient to understand only legal rules and terms in foreign activities regulations, it is necessary to give consideration to respective practices and realia in Russia.

A clear explanation of Russian legal rules, terms, realia, and legal issues is a major focus of these services. To accomplish such a mission, it is necessary to have a fine appreciation of each specific situation - what kind of explanations is currently required, where the attention should be focused, when short answers are needed and when a detailed explanation would be especially helpful, what kind of natural and obvious questions arise, what kind of explanation would be full or vice versa, when any parts of the explanation would be excessive or not advisible for the situation in question. Obviously, it is better to find such solutions at a personal meeting. However, if there is a need in any explanation in writing it shall be prepared on the basis of general and specific information of the situation, giving necessary explanatory details, defining specific terms, clarifying answers from different viewpoints in respect of the questions in consideration paying attention to the linguistic peculiarities of the Russian, English, and Spanish languages, and national, cultural, emotional particulars and mentalities and sometimes even the moods of the participants in specific project or any other stakeholders thereof.

Such clear explanation of legal issues of foreign business activities in Russia also means clear and easy to understand legal solutions, relatively simple language of agreements and documents as far as it is possible giving consideration to the need to use applicable legal rules and terms of foreign business activities in Russia. For these purposes, particular focus is given to avoid long and difficult to understand phrases, to ensure a uniform terminology in a document or set of agreements and documents, to divide complex legal issues and descriptions into more or less simple parts, etc.

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