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Areas and approaches of legal analysis and consulting services in Russia

Areas and approaches
of legal analysis and consulting in Russia

These legal services are aimed to locate and minimize the risks and problems of a specific foreign professional or business project or situation in Russia as compared with other foreign projects, international law, legal regulations, usual requirements of Russian controlling authorities and business usages in Russia as well as the latest legal news and events.

Particularly, these legal services are focused on bilingual legal solutions in broad sense of the word. Consideration shall be given not only to the linguistic issues but to national, cultural, emotional particulars of business partners from different countries, to the difference of mentalities, different business customs and usages, different concepts of best practices, law enforcement practices, and to clear explanation thereof to foreign customers.

    Areas of legal practice
  • international commercial law
  • Russian business law and practices
  • currency control law and practices in Russia
    • currency control in Russia with regard to individuals and legal entities
  • customs law, customs regulations and practices in Russia
  • tax law and regulations in Russia
    • foreign controlled companies of Russian tax residents
  • international treaties and legal regulations in the EEU
  • bilingual agreements and documents in English and Russian, Spanish and Russian
    Business approach to the provision of services
  • personal provision of legal services without secretaries, assistants, etc.
  • business relationship (not employment) with the client on the basis of common commercial interests regarding the legal services
  • goodfaith and fair dealing as they are understood in the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts (2016) as well as in the customs and tax practices in Russia
  • confidentiality in treating client's documents and information
  • clear and easy to understand proposals of legal solutions for client's situation
  • transparency in establishing legal fees
    Professional approach
  • professional competence in business law, currency control law, customs, tax law and Russian and English legal and foreign trade terminology
  • detecting key factors in implementation of a project
  • balancing (not oposing) the business interests of the counterparts
  • developing clear algorithms for the performance of obligations
  • minimizing the risks mainly by extrajudicial legal means and guarantees
  • necessary detailed explanations of unclear points
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The Ministry of Finance will modify tax conventions with Hong Kong, Sin­ga­po­re, and Switzerland

Banks will strengthen control over dubious transactions of customers

Foreign programmers will be offered a residence permit

Income tax when selling investment coins made of precious metals

Beginning from 2021, tax regulation of controlled foreign companies amended and fines sharply increased

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Legal analysis and consulting services in Russia
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